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Just like flexibility is the foundation of fitness, your mental health is the foundation of "YOU". Your perception of not only your surroundings, your community and experiences but also of your sense of "self" is crucial to feel whole, satisfied and purposeful. Because our roots stem from a decade in the fitness industry, our coaching approach is rather quite different. Exercise or movement incite your body's natural production of "feel good" chemicals, and we use that to our advantage so that you are more relaxed and less anxious during your coaching sessions , more receptive to constructive criticism and changes. Each session ends with a comprehensive and attainable "benchmark" for the next time we see one another. As always you are always in control of your boundaries, we are just a tool to help you reach your better self.



We get to understand one another first. Get to know your coach and vice versa, it is also an opportunity for us to comprehend better your current surroundings and the situation that is bothering you.

Therapy Session

As behavior change specialists, we guide you to better manage your actions or lack there of, & hopefully illicit a positive outcome. We'll establish "bullet points" & with your lead, see the full spectrum of our goals.

Group Portrait of Friends

We set tracking parameters which probably will change more than once. With your lead, we put in place attainable bench marks in relations to your goals, then compare, contrast and evaluate our progress.

Getting help should never be an embarrassment, in fact, it is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can and should make. We believe that we are not meant to go through hardships alone, just having another person to even just listen, can make a huge difference in one's mental state. We utilize our coaching skills to help you cope with stress and sometimes find the pleasurable side of hardship.


Unsure? See "DISCOVERY" for a commitment free session.

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A Healthier You

Human nature is such that we enjoy to do things in a communal way, however being part of a group also means dealing with many different personalities and being able to manage this influx of challenges while still performing 110% is a skill not everyone possess. We all cope differently to both positive & negative stressors, this service is to build on your coping skills by adding more tools to your arsenal or simply strengthening what you currently have.


Consistency is Key

How many times have you had those new year's resolutions and many more goals, only to find yourself back at it from the beginning? Making a change is one thing but being consistent ENOUGH to promote long lasting results from those changes is totally a new challenge. This service is to help you adhere to whatever changes you saw fit to take. One day at a time.


Feel Good, Look Good

This is a popular trend in the our world today. Whether it’s spending more time with family & friends or on your personal interests, or simply having someone other than your peers to talk to, this program is  there for you. Our goal is to strictly follow your lead and provide expertise along the way and together guide us to your goal.

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