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It's my first time ever participating in a men’s group, and to say the least the experience has been incredulous.
For the first few sessions I simply listened in to get a feel as to the process. I immediately noticed that this group is comprised of men from different ethnicities and backgrounds knitted together by commonalities as well as some differences in our life’s experiences.
What is remarkable is the profound respect that the men have for each other, I have never witnessed disrespect on any level. There’s a saying that “one should never judge a book by its cover,” that holds true for B6, for as you listen to the men as we share our innermost pain, disappointments and even our joys, there’s an incredible level of intellectual prowess and processing as we men share the issues of our hearts and minds that are received with such a high level of respect and understanding. Someone observing us from the outside may never expect what they are seeing or observing.
There’s integrity and honor that courses through the hearts and veins of these men under the venerable leadership of Mr. Troy Jones. I’m of the strong opinion that the B6 Organization must be replicated nationally and internationally so that men everywhere can know that there is an effective and viable alternative to deal with our hurts and pain; as well as a conduit to healthy interactions and fellowship.

Wayne Brewster-McCarth