Alistaire N'zekio

"You don't have to be perfect or the best, just be you, the best you that you can be"

  • Self motivation isn't something that is taught or that you are born with, in fact it is quite the opposite, it is unnatural. If you wait for your body to feel "ready" to take action, then you might just be waiting forever. Or in most cases when the "problem" is already too deep and unfortunately in some cases, when it is too late.

  • Change happens not because we want to, but often then not because we have to. Because the consequential alternatives forces us to act and sometimes that first step towards action is so daunting that you freeze, and the never ending loop of despair sets in. 

  • I have been in this industry for more than a decade and I have worked with 100's of people achieve their goals, and yes my strategy is quite different than what you would expect but it works. You are much more likely to be receptive to change and progress, mentally, behaviorally and physically after just a little workout session. Using Nature's feel good chemicals and the oxygen increase to your brain from your dilated blood vessels, we can achieve A LOT! and it feels good.