Here to Assist

Is B6 for a specific ethnic group?

No B6 is for males 18 and over regardless of ethnicity.

Is this for men ONLY?

We primarily focus on men but woman can absolutely partake in the Private Coaching service and be part of the Brotherhood Membership.

Why do I need to sign up before I purchase a service?

Creating an account allows B6 to contact you ASAP to get you started on your service. We only receive what you choose to disclose but for obvious reasons we need a way to contact you so E-mail or Phone is required.

How many men have gone through the B6 course?

Between 2014 and 2020 we have approximately 358 men that have attended B6. Join the family!

How often does B6 meet?

Generally once a week depending on the Service you purchased.

Does B6 have psychologist / psychiatrist?

Yes, we do have a licensed clinical psychologist on staff if you feel that you need one.

If I feel I need a psychologist / psychiatrist do I need to use yours?

Absolutely not, we want you to feel comfortable and in control. We can make suggestions or assist you if you need that level of support… but we will never force you to get treatment. We can, if you so chose, work in tandem with your current health care professional.

Are you a psychologist / psychiatrist?

No I am a Pastor, Certified Life Coach, and a Integrative Mental Health Counselor with decades of experience including "first-hand" experience.

Can I get a refund for a service I purchased?

Unfortunately no, we do not provide refunds. You are however completely able to cancel your subscription (brotherhood service) or choose NOT to renew.